Rewindable submersible single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motors expressly designed for use with pumps. Made both in 2 and 4 poles, water or non-toxic, for perfect cooling and safe oil filled lubrication.

NEMA standards for 4″,6″ and 8″ flanged connection.
A careful study of the supports and thrust-bearing devices, using the finest materials available, is an assurance of greater reliability over time. An exclusive electrical project combined with a series of specific precautions, dictated by profound experience in the field; provide incomparable operation efficiency in both deep wells and in industrial use or water supply.

Available in different construction metallurgies, they are the best solution for harsh conditions and professional systems.

• Rewindable.
• Oil-cooled.
• Water-cooled.
• Canned.

Performance Range
• Poles 2 and 4
• Max Power 370 kW
• Frequency 50 Hz and 60 Hz