Range for marine pleasure applications From 20 HP of the 4000 series to 825 HP of the C series,

FPT Industrial offers a complete range of products characterized by quality, superb features and applications versatility. The competitive performanceshared by all engines – thanks to high specific outputs and high torque at low revolutions – is backed up by a drastic reduction of noise and vibrations to create the sensation of powerful yet extremely comfortable navigation. Low exhaust emissions and noise levels are ensured, without affecting performance or sailing pleasure.
Engineering experience at FPT Industrial has culminated in compact, lightweight design with low volume/power and weight/power ratios, ensuring easier engine installation and boats superior efficiency.

Range for marine professional applications From 85 to 500 HP, the FPT Industrial range of marine engines was specifically developed for professional applications and is characterized by sturdy design and functional layout ensuring reliability and durability. The compactness of these products allows constant, efficient operation backed up by low running costs, thanks to much longer maintenance intervals and a drastic reduction in consumption.
Thanks to high performance and high torques at low revolutions, boats achieve better efficiency even in the most demanding navigation conditions, without compromising the impressive life-span of the engine.