Ductile iron (socket and spigot) pipes are manufactured by centrifugal process to meet in every aspect the requirements of international standard PSO 2531 and BS EN454:2002.

Internal lining
Pipes are lined internally with Portland cement (sulfate resistant type V). Cement is applied by centrifugal process in compliance with ISO 4179 and BSEN standards. On request a seal coat of bituminous coating can be applied on the cement.

External Coating
Pipes are coated externally by pure metallic zinc (minimum 99.995 purity) at a rate of 130 gm/m, the requirement of ISO 8179 Zinc is then covered by not less than 70 microns of bituminous paint as per ISO 8179-1 to ensure mortar firm, dense, smooth and adhesive on request, other thickness can be applied.

All pipes have standard 2 GS push – on joint.

• Drinking and irrigation water.
• Sewer water.
• Fire fighting systems.
• Transmission of gas and fuel.