PE solid wall pipes are in accordance to ISO 4427 and DIN 8074 for pipe lines in water supply applications.

Product Range
• PE solid wall pipes of pressure varying from Gravity application up to 25 bars.
• Diameters from 16 mm up to 630 mm as outside diameter.
• 12 meter standard pipe length for OD 110 and above.
• Diameters up to 18 mm can be supplied in coils.
• Fittings are available (as injection Molded, Electro Fusion, segment. welded and compression fit mechanical coupling).

Features And Benefits
• High flexibility accompanied with high impact resistance.
• Can be supplied in coils up to 180 mm pipe outside diameter. The coils will reduce number joints and efforts at site.
• Under the same conditions. PE pipe develops much lower surge pressure than rigid pipes.
• Unaffected by soil settlement.
• High tenacity and anti-impact intensity.
• Excellent resistance against rough handling with low notch U.V Resistant. with minimal reduction in performance when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
• Squeeze off ability: without any damage or effect on the pipe short and long term properties.
• High chemical and high corrosion resistance: does not trust or corrode scaling and corrosion by electrolytic actions.
• Long life of minimum 50 years.
• Maintenance free.
• Sustain aggressive soil conditions, ground water.
• Approved for use in portable water applications (non-toxic material).
• Excellent flow characteristics (very smooth bore).