• Single and multi jet wet dial meter.
• Single jet super dial meter with magnetic transmission.
• Multi jet sealed register dial meter.
• Wet dial and sealed register and multi jet meters.
• Super dry coaxial meter with magnetic transmission.
• Axial helix woltmann meter unclosed construction with sealed register dial.
• Data water meters for portable water.
• Woltmann helix meter with interchangeable mechanism.

Cold water version up to 30ºC
Hot water version up to 90ºC

Electro Magnetic
• Electro magnetic flow meters in separate or combined version with flanged or wafer body.
• Ultra sonic flow meter.
• Diaphragm or Ventruri profile flow meters.
• Potentio metric chart vecenders with 1-2-3 pens and totalizer for panel mounting.
• Piezoresistive differential pressure transmitters.