Arison introduced the Snow Making Machine to the Lebanese market, through its vision for what the market needs, accompanying the Lebanese progressive demand for anything related to its activity be it environment, water, power. Arison found the need to introduce this technique newly in the market.

A partnership with the leader company in the world to make this activity happen. The snow making machine. It is all artificial snow, but we call it natural because we always respect quality to the best.
The joint partnership we had to make “Snow making machine” came out of experience in the fine guns and all the equipment and components to make that snow relies on innovation, experience, outstanding development, latest technologies, high power, durability, liability, sustainability through energy saving.
Thus, combining all we have to a masterpiece in engineering snow making machine equipment. Therefore, we can work under harsh marginal climate conditions to provide snow slopes and ski resorts for all activities involved. Leisure skiing, professional skiing and all snow activities. As Arison always worked in water, developed through that idea from that experience pumped water
into our lives, pumped this water into leisure needs.

Arison with our partner has made all this come true. Intelligent solutions for this application, starting from component of the snow and high pressure pumps, air compressors, water coolers, cooling towers. Cables, pipes, to sustain and endure the geographical infrastructure grounds. All is completely full automated indoors, outdoors and remotely by the most advanced snow making software, user friendly and flexible.
Fanguns, station and mobile. On towers, it has the capacity for any slope any surface area covers a mountain. Yes we can!

High Snow output, long projection range, reduced noise emissions. The wide trajectory and large-scale surface coverage facilitate more even snow distribution and make light work of slope preparation. User-friendliness with all the functions which are frequently required.