• Genuine Spare Parts


      ARISON uses authentic and genuine spare parts for any product it is servicing whether it is from our dealers’ manufacturers or from local dealers. ARISON’s policy is strictly using genuine spare parts to lead to a higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

  • After-Sales Service

      ARISON is ready to provide any support to its customers after the purchase of any product. Our after-sales support utilizes the latest tools, machines and systems that lead to a higher customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

      ARISON conducts maintenance tasks at its factory (ARISON Industrial Plant) in Jieh, Lebanon by servicing clients using the latest machines and equipment: sand blasting, pump testing room, generator testing room, CNC machine, various machining tools, laser blasting machines and more.

      Our customers are our biggest asset hence, ARISON prepares training programs at AIP in our Training Center on any new product to help OEMs, clients, consultants, contractors to better understand the technical aspect of the new product.

  • On Site Maintenance

      ARISON is equipped to handle any maintenance task by sending an experienced maintenance team to your site. Each team consists of well-trained technicians, spare parts and tools to serve your needs whether you require a water related service, power related service, treatment related service and/or solar related service.