• Solar Products & Solar Generators

      The use of solar powered products has become popular with the growth of the “Solar Energy” market. ARISON offers the latest technology in solar powered products. Compact and light portable power stations are also on the rise that are suitable for all of your activity (Camping, gatherings, sale stands, outdoor activities).

    Portable Solar Equipment Types

    • Garden lights
    • Flash lights
    • Flood lights
    • Lantern lights
    • Lighting systems
    • Search lights
    • Foldable solar panels

    PV Modules

    • P-Type / N-Type
    • Bi-facial / Mono-facial

    Solar Generator Types

    • Solar type
    • Hybrid type


    • 600W - 5,000W

  • Energy Storage Solutions

    Industrial Energy Storage Solutions

      • Independent battery module
      • Battery module (Air/Liquid Cooling)
      • Rack system
      • Storage container
      • Battery modules

    Residential Energy Storage Solutions

    • Storage smart box
    • Storage compact box


    • 50KWh - 2MWh


    •Long life cycle (>10,000 times)
    • Low failure
    • Cost effective
    • Cloud platform warning and diagnosis
    • Multiple fire warning and protection
    • Reduction of grid congestion
    • Grid stability

  • Street Lights

      Solar street lights are innovative and sustainable lighting solutions. The eco-friendly design eliminates the need for traditional grid electricity, reducing both operational costs and environmental impact. Solar street lights are not only energy-efficient but also contribute to the overall resilience of urban infrastructure, offering reliable illumination even in areas with inconsistent access to electricity. As cities worldwide strive for sustainability and energy efficiency, solar street lights have emerged as a practical and environmentally conscious choice for outdoor lighting.

    Street Lights Type

    • Grid Type
    • Solar Type
    • All in Two Types
    • All in One Type
    • Split Type


    • Lumen : 12,240Lm - 45,900Lm
    • LED Power : 10W - 300W
    • Battery Type : Life PO4 (Where applicable)
    • Built-In PV Module : Poly Crystalline
    • CRI : >= Ra70