• Water Treatment & Filtration


      Water is the most vital resources for our body; which makes our body under threat from contamination by bacteria and toxic substances as a result of environmental and nab-made influences. In order to cleanse the water from any harmful substance in water and depending on the level of toxicity several solutions are engineered by ARISON to purify water such as: softeners, chlorinators, RO units, ultraviolet devices and sediment cartridges.

  • Desalination


      The world’s water is our biggest asset and with the rise in human population potable/drinking water is becoming scarce and the need for engineered systems is the answer. Desalination systems (or RO systems) are the most effective method in treating sea water and brackish water into becoming potable water or even drinking water. Our team of engineers after testing the quality of raw water available will design and build the suitable desalination system (or RO system) to yield potable/drinking water to the users.


    • Brackish Water
    • Sea Water


    • 10m3/day up to 10,000m3/day

  • Waste Water


      ARISON not only looks to improve a human’s life, but also is interested in saving. the environment. Human waste is a threat to Earth; and hence, Waste Water treatment emerged. Our team of engineers are ready to design and build the suitable waste water treatment system to save the Earth by recycling our wastes into reusable potable water.